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Classified Services

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Caribbean Multiservices offers handyman, interior and exterior painting and drywall services with free estimates in Fort Lauderdale, FL. For more information, please call us now.Wood Floor; Drywall Clean; Drywall Company; Handyman Specialist; Painting Inside;Wilton Manors FL; Lighthouse Point FL; Boca Raton, FL; Weston, FL; North Miami, Fl; Fort lauderdale, FL; Pembroke Pines, FL; Coral Springs, FL; Plantation, Fl; West Palm Beach, FL; Parkland, FL; Pompano, Beach FL; Boynton Beach ,FLHandyman, Handyman Service, Affordable Handyman Service, Handyman Repair Services, Reliable Handyman Services
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Fort Lauderdale Handyman is a handyman company in Fort Lauderdale, FL. We offer handyman services to residential homes and commercial buldings.
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At Veloz Handyman Services, our team of pros handles everything from concrete driveways to brand new carpentry, guaranteeing the finished remodel and home improvement will be just the way you want it. We service Fort Lauderdale, FL and the surrounding areas! Whether you need exterior painting or basic electrical work, get in touch with us. Veloz Handyman Services provides free estimates, so just give us a call at (718) 510-4979 to get started on your home transformation!
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The idea for Findaxe developed after a conversation between Thomas Benefield and a few friends. Their quest was to find the best axe for splitting wood. Thomas realized there had to be a lot of people trying to figure out what “the best thing for X” is. We believe Findaxe will be helpful if you are trying to figure out which product is best for you. Without doing any research, many people simply follow the recommendations of their friends. It makes sense. Most people don’t have the time to read hundreds of reviews and do their own research. When Thomas discussed with his friends which axe would be best to split wood, they ended up in an axe shop. There were a number of types of axes examined. Some were good, while others were great. Some items were junk, and some were extremely expensive. Edward left the store with nothing more than a great idea for a website after spending a few hours there.