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Classified Services

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Shroomz uses the therapeutic benefits of Muscimol and other common supplements to enrich people's day to day lives
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At Hopes Diamond Coverage, we provide reliable and comprehensive health insurance solutions for individuals, families, and businesses. Our experienced team is committed to offering personalized recommendations and exceptional customer service. Contact us today for affordable and high-quality healthcare coverage.
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Since 1984, the founders of Preferred Care at Home has had the privilege of assisting clients improve their quality of life while still recognizing and maintaining their dignity and independence. Preferred Care at Home has continued this tradition by only referring the most reliable, compassionate, experienced and affordable caregivers to client's homes or care facilities.
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In response to the epidemic of overmedicating plaguing our society, Life Sprout Bioceuticalswas formed. As more and more people are dependent on prescriptions, the cost ofprescription medicines is rising.There is a necessity for additional medicines to treat these new symptoms, as medicationscause more critical conditions. Henceforth, we have decided to come up with a holisticapproach, instead of suggesting people with prescription drugs.We think that the body can develop a better line of defence with vitamins and nutrients, andcan combat multiple issues in life. We believe that taking an educated and smart approach forsafeguarding our health, as we don’t believe in miracles.Our researchers have thirty-plus years of experience and have a passion for natural health.The experts come from various fields of Molecular Biology, Biochemistry, and Chemistry.We have selected the highest quality non- OMO active ingredients, after extensive research.While we have conceived a complete line of products for keeping you healthy and happy, wehave perfected optimal dosage and formulation.Our list of products is given below:eye nutrients, supplements for eyesight, ear drops for hearing, best supplements for hearing loss, supplements for hearing loss, c, immune support supplement, natural brain health capsule, ear health supplement, ear supplements, natural ear drops, Vitamin drops for eyes, Vision tablets, natural energy boosting supplement, natural bioceuticals p
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Searching for a durable and reliable cart to help with your heavy-duty needs? Click on We offer a wide selection of HHC carts that are perfect for any application. Visit our website today to learn.
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Trusted and Genuine Health Information - Online Health GuideWe at Online Health Guide offer our visitors the best health guidance. Health is the most important part of every living life and so we provide you with accurate, trustworthy information about all health-related conditions.
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Our commitment to curating high quality products, and providing the absolute best customer experience are ingrained in our company culture. We carry popular mitragyna speciosa strains such as Red Vein Maeng Da, Green Vein Maeng da. Kratom Powder, Kratom Capsules and Kratom Extracts and Premium brands such as OPMS Kratom, Remarkable Herbs, Whole Herbs, MIT 45 extract liquid shots, K Shots Kratom, and Chief Kratom. Free same day shipping over $100. Kratom Capsules from $6.99, Kratom Extracts from $10.99 and Kratom Powder from $6.99. Kratomlords.com
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Anabolic-Power24 is an online store where you can buy steroids online in the USA. Now, Nutrition-Power24 is rebranded to Anabolic-Power24
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If you're interested in experiencing sex drive like you used to, contact Preferred Men's Medical Center today. Our men's health clinic is dedicated to providing men with the very best in quality and personalized treatment options.
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Rari Nutrition is one of the trustworthy suppliers of nutrition products and nutraceuticals. Founded in early 2015, our primary focus is on the science of sports nutrition. Rari Nutrition offers Pre workout nutrition supplements and Nitric oxide booster supplement for weight loss with the highest quality.
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At Kats Botanicals our mission is to provide only the finest Kratom for sale, CBD oil, and other holistic botanicals. When you buy kratom from us you can rest assured that it's high-quality, lab tested and at a fair price.
Member Profile Image is a online pharmacy shop in USA selling FDA approved generic products for your daily basic needs. Tapentadol 100mg is our best selling product which is pain management medicines. buy Tapentadol 100mg online to treat Soft tissue pain, Nerve pain, Acute pain, Chronic pain, moderate to severe pain effectively. We can provide fast delivery in the USA following states New York, California, Florida, Taxes and you can also buy Tapentadol 100mg with Credit Card and other common payment options.
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UnitedMedicines is an online pharmacy store selling generic products for your daily needs. Our catalog of generic medication includes ASPADOL, Waklert, Modvigil and many more.
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Looking for the Best Hair Restoration in Fort Lauderdale? With hair transplant technology in Miami, FL, Maxim Medical is here for you! We use the latest Hair Loss Treatment at reasonable cost. Check out latest Reviews.
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Fort Lauderdale Behavioral Wellness is a behavioral healthcare facility in Florida, We are board-certified psychiatrists who specialize in the evaluation and treatment of mental disorders. We treat everything from ADD, Anxiety, Depression to all types of other mental illnesses. We listen and actually accommodate medications that are psychiatrically related. Our doctors are incredible and understanding. Our treatments are Depression, Anxiety, Bipolar Disorder, OCD, PTSD, and Addiction. Our services are Medication Management, Therapy Services, Transcranial magnetic stimulation, and Genetic Testing. Our goal is to provide our patients with the level of care they need. We providing world-class treatment in a safe and comfortable setting.
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PhyZique is your partner in non-surgical skin tightening, cellulite and fat reduction. With the latest breakthroughs, you can achieve good results without the dangers and side effects of surgery. We strive at bringing you the latest technology that works. The reason why we are the best at what we do is our highly trained and experienced treatment specialists. We dedicate ourselves to being the best at body sculpting and recognize that you need a team that is knowledgeable, understanding and supportive. You get this caring attitude from all the staff at PhyZique. We are here to educate you so that you can make the best decision about your body and goals. In each case, we explain the procedures, and what results are realistically possible.For more information Please visit our Website: North Federal Highway Suite H(954) [email protected]
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If you are thinking that by using medicine or natural treatment you can get rid of herpes, you are wrong. This is the condition which can’t be cured whether you use natural or any other treatment. But, yes, through natural treatment you can cure this condition’s symptoms or outbreaks easily and faster than medicine. To know about natural remedies you can visit this
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IQ365plus are manufacturers of IQ365plus, a nootropics supplement that enhances cognitive function, improves memory, and keeps the mind alert. They also create a positive influence on your mood and boost creativity. IQ365plus is one of the best brain supplements in the market, formulated from natural ingredients like Bacopa and green tea extracts. Try our product for free – sign up for the 14-day nootropics free trial - shipping included.
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Cardiac Care at Choice Physicians in Ft. Lauderdale is dedicated to cardiovascular health. We pride ourselves on having a proactive approach to heart health, rather than reactive. Dr. Tiffany Sizemore-Ruiz, our medical director, understands that a great team, not an individual doctor, is what makes great patient care. We give the highest quality of care in an environment where serving our patients and referring physicians is our highest purpose. Our staff ensures that each patient receives first class service in a caring, comprehensive and comfortable environment.
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Over EZ is an all natural dietary supplement specially formulated to help reduce the hangover effects of alcohol.
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Headquartered in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, the World Fitness Association offers a range of athletic education programs from its headquarters on East Commercial Blvd. It also offers 3-day, 30-hour hands-on Certified Personal Trainer (CPT) workshops in several other major American cities. In addition to its CPT programs, the World Fitness Association (WFA) offers a Master Certified Personal Trainer (MCPT) program and provides official CPR/AED certification through the American Heart Association. To provide aspiring personal trainers with all that they need to succeed, the organization also sells a range of fitness equipment and accessories in its pro shop.National affiliates of the WFA include LA Fitness, Orange Theory Fitness, YouFit Health Clubs, Crunch Fitness, Gold's Gym, Zoo Health Clubs, XSport Fitness, etc. Accredited with the Better Business Bureau since 2013, the WFA continues to hold an A+ rating. Over the years, the WFA has received a hundreds of positive testimonials from CPT and MCPT graduates. Many of these testimonials are currently available to the public on the official WFA website.
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Medic Pharmacy & Surgical in Fort Lauderdale offers many convenient services pharmacy prescriptions, medical supplies, surgical supplies, walking aids, lift chairs and more.
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If you need any type of lab test done, you should take a look at what Health Testing Centers has to offer to residents of the Fort Lauderdale area. For many years now, this company has been offering high-quality and affordable medical testing services.
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''Meridian Treatment Solutions, we treat the whole client - their mind, body and spirit, not just their substance abuse.We provide our clients with a plan for a life of sobriety and relapse prevention.We will provide a comprehensive therapeutic environment where real change happens - behavioral change, physical change, personality change and psychic change.''
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What's In It 4 U, is here to teach people what is in the food they eat. Countless food items on the market contain ingredients that no one should be eating, many of them are not even food items! Many people have health conditions like diabetes, hypertension, and/or are obese and truly don't know why. What's In It 4 U was created by Kim Bowman the Food Investigator to provide people with the educational materials and information to learn what is in their food and how to make healthier choices.