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Classified Services

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We help individuals and families apply for health insurance plans that the government pays up to 100% of the premium.
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Best Buds CBD Store provides high quality CBD gummies for sale online.
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Alliance Health Fort Lauderdale provides walk-in Covid-19 testing! Partnering only with CLIA-certified labs, Alliance provides the highest standard of PCR Antigen, & Antibody tests. We employ top-of-the-line equipment & innovative technological solutions, so you get reliable test results without the hassle. With centers in South Florida, Central Florida, & New York, we always have a clinic nearby. This enables us to prioritize your convenience—quick online booking, speedy results, & little to no wait time!
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Adjusterman LLC is a Public Adjuster that uses the latest technology to get you the most money from an Insurance company all across Florida.They have filed thousands of claims and 10's of millions of dollars.Specialize in Fire, theft/vandalism and robberies of commercial/residential properties, Impact damage to luxury cars/boats and aircraft, Hurricane damage (all over Florida)3 types of Adjusters in FL - 2 work for the Insurance companies however Public Adjusters work for the clients.
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Lap Band. Gastric Banding also known as the LAP-BAND was approved in 2001 by the FDA. The silicone band is placed around the upper part of the stomach. It has an inflatable balloon that cinches around the stomach and allows patients to be less hungry and to eat less at each meal. The band is inflated with saline using a needle that goes thru the skin into the band port. The port is secured under the skin so that nothing is visible. Percent of excess weight loss at five years is 50-55%. Follow-up is crucial with the band as adjustments are usually necessary the first year and sometimes in the second year as well. Complications may include infection, bleeding, gastric prolapse or band slippage and band/tubing problems. Reoperation may be necessary to address some of these complications. In Dr.Terushkin’shands, these complications are decreased and less than the national average, but they still can occur. Lap Band patients can count on top bariatric surgeon Dr.Terushkin’s extensive experience. Dr.Terushkin has performed numerous adjustable gastric banding surgeries. Using minimally invasive laparoscopic techniques, this procedure involves placing a silicone band around the upper part of the stomach. A small balloon is inflated which cinches around the stomach, reducing feelings of hunger and decreasing a patient’s capacity to eat large amounts.
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At Serenity Oaks Wellness Center, Drug Addiction Treatment Center and Alcoholism Treatment Program we have created an environment that fosters growth and a desire to create a promising new beginning. Our comprehensive alcohol and ddrug treatment plan combines life-changing elements of the traditional 12-step program along with the most innovative therapeutic and holistic practices. Our integrative approach provides our clients with the best possible chance to triumph over their active addictions. We have specialized physicians on staff. Alcohol and drug rehab can often be the only way an individual who’s fighting addiction can get the help they need.
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Intervention Recovery Counseling Center (IRCC) is an outpatient individual and also team therapy facility situated in midtown Ft Lauderdale Florida. IRCC is a complete psychological wellness team concentrating on the areas substance usage as well as co-dependencies conditions. IRCC is actively helping individuals with a large range of psychological health issue. We consult with people to resolve their drug usages on their day-to-day life and also family members problems prior to they end up being significant troubles.