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Since 1963, Music Arts Enterprises (MAE) has served South Florida's musicians with a tradition of knowledgeable customer service and an incredibly wide selection of equipment. MAE also offers on-site repairs, equipment / backline / instrument rentals, and concert rentals. On site rooms are available to try out a drum set or acoustic guitar. We offer: Fender Acoustic Instruments, Taylor Guitars, Fender Bass Guitars, Synthesizers, DJ Gear, Canopus Drums, Sol Percussion, Fender Electric Guitars, Fender Amps, Keyboards, Lighting, Midi and Recording equipment, Sound Reinforcement, and used equipment. All at the lowest prices. Stop in & see why we are the best music store in South Florida!
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A native Venezuelan, Norka Martinez has studied the performing arts her entire life. In addition to taking piano lessons and exploring her vocal capabilities as a young girl, she completed training in modern dance. Over the years, she has overcome significant health problems that presented significant obstacles on her path to becoming a Latin pop singer. Recently, Norka Martinez put her singing career on hold for three years while dealing with the medical condition of epilepsy.After undergoing three successful surgeries, she returned to the music industry to promote an album of songs produced by famous Latin pop mogul Emilio Estefan. Many of these songs revolve around themes of perseverance that reflect Norka Martinez’s persistence in the battle against and her ultimate victory over the disease.In addition to her accomplishments as a singer, Ms. Martinez is an aspiring actress who has completed coursework at both the Miami Acting Studio and the New York Film Academy. She is currently enrolled the Adriana Barraza Acting Studio in Miami-Dade County, Florida.